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SPARC T8-2 Server Installation Guide

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Updated: June 2019

Oracle ILOM System Console

When you power on the system, the boot process begins under the control of the Oracle ILOM system console. The system console displays status and error messages generated by firmware-based tests that are run during system startup.

Note - To see these status and error messages, connect a terminal or terminal emulator to the SER MGT before applying power to the server.

After the system console finishes its low-level system diagnostics, the SP initializes and runs a suite of higher level diagnostics. When you access the SP using a device connected to the SER MGT port, you see the output of the Oracle ILOM diagnostics.

By default, the SP configures the NET MGT port automatically, retrieving network configuration settings using DHCP and allowing connections using SSH.

For a more detailed discussion on configuring the system console and connecting terminals, refer to the administration guide for your server.

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