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What JD Edwards is Announcing

July 17, 2019 - Announcing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Customer-Driven ERP Enhancements and Tools Digital Features

Tools Digital Features

Today we are also announcing Tools Release This release provides customers with innovation benefiting our Applications Releases 9.1 and 9.2 including Extensibility framework enhancements, operational simplification and updated platform certifications.

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Oracle JD Edwards announces significant customer-driven product updates to empower companies on their journey to becoming digital enterprises. These enhancements provide companies transformative solutions to innovate in the digital economy and to run their business their way.

Customer-Driven ERP Enhancements

Customer-driven ERP enhancements continue to build on the extensive business applications already available within JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. These enhancements provide valuable new business logic, simplify business processes, or enhance the user experience.

  • Configure Pay Status Code for Zero Amount Invoice Pay Items

    The Accounts Receivable Receipts process enables configuration of Pay Status for zero-amount pay items on invoices. This enhancement provides a processing option on the A/R master business function enabling users to choose the pay status for these lines and to process them along with the other pay items on the invoice. This helps to ensure they do not appear on the A/R to G/L integrity report.

  • Invoice Print Now Includes Additional Invoice and Sales Order Detail

    The Financials Accounts Receivable system now includes a version of the Invoice Print report that prints additional invoice details such as payment term description, tax rate area, tax explanation description, and sales order details, such as document number, document type, and document company. These additions make it easier for your customers to understand their payment terms and other invoice information.

Human Capital Management
  • Delegate Approving Leave Requests to an Employee

    The Human Resources Manager Self-Service system has the ability to allow managers to delegate leave request approvals to an employee. This gives the employee delegate the ability to approve leave requests for all other employees reporting to that manager.

  • Simplified Leave Request Review and Approval

    Both the Manager Self Service Leave Review application and Leave Inquiry and Management application now include a filter to make it easier for managers to search for specific leave requests.

  • Manager Review and Approval Grid Sort

    The Self-Service Manager Review and Approval grid now sorts by Employee Name instead of Employee User ID. This change makes it easier for managers and supervisors to find a specific employee by their given name when working with time card records.

  • Missing Timecards Grid Sort

    The Find Employees with Missing Time Cards Self-Service application now sorts employees by Employee Name instead of Employee User ID. This change makes the process easier and quicker for managers and supervisors to identify employees who have not submitted time cards.

  • Improved User Experience in Daily Time Entry Manager Review and Approval

    The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Time and Labor system includes the ability for a manager/supervisor to select all records or clear all records in the Daily Time Entry application. Previously when an employee had multiple time cards, managers or supervisors had to select each row individually to approve. With this enhancement, time approval takes fewer clicks and is easier to perform.

  • Ability to Reset a Single Payment from a Payroll Run

    The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne US Payroll system provides more granularity in resetting payments in a payroll run. Payroll professionals now have the ability to reset a single payment from a payroll run. Previously, the system was limited to resetting the entire payroll run or resetting all payments for an individual. Now a specific payment for a specific employee can be reset without affecting the payroll run or the employee’s other payments.

  • Payroll Gross to Net Process Improvement

    The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Payroll system's Payroll Cycle Workbench program now updates the value in the Pre-Payroll status field from 'A' to 'X' when the system finds a gross-to-net error. This change enables the user to easily identify and reset the payroll and review payments and generate reports, but prohibits any other payroll steps, such as creating journal entries or payments, until the gross-to-net error is resolved.

  • Corporate Tax ID Integrity

    Tax authorities are not consistent in the definition of corporate tax IDs. Some authorities require all numeric values while others require special characters in the tax ID. As an extra validation check, a warning in Corporate Tax ID Revisions alerts users to a possible issue when special characters are entered in the corporate tax ID.

  • Work Order Activity Rules for Manufacturing

    Without the ability to restrict work order status updates, there is the potential for users to enter transactions that will create data integrity issues. For example, a work order that has already been completely through the manufacturing and variance accounting process being moved back to an open status to issue additional material. JD Edwards now includes the ability for system administrators to establish the allowed process flow for manufacturing work orders and rate schedules that will be enforced by the system to prevent erroneous status updates and transactions.

  • Bill of Material Change History

    There is often the need for engineers and document control personnel to track the history of changes to bills of materials used in manufacturing. When Log Bill of Material is turned on in Manufacturing Constants, change history records are created for that purpose. JD Edwards has added the Bill of Material Change History application to more easily access that data for review.

Order Management
  • Automatically Return Pick Date from ATP/CATP

    JD Edwards EnterpriseOne provides accurate Scheduled Pick Date calculation, based on the supply and demand situation, using the requirement planning features of Available to Promise (ATP) and Cumulative Available to Promise (CATP). The availability of this Scheduled Pick Date during order entry significantly improves customer experience and reduces operational cost. However, the Scheduled Pick Date had to be manually applied during the sales order entry process. This has now been enhanced to automatically populate the Scheduled Pick Date based on the ATP and CATP calculation.

Tools Release

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator Support for Server Manager

The Orchestrator has evolved to be a fundamental enabler for how customers use their EnterpriseOne systems to succeed in the modern digital economy. Orchestrator continues to be enhanced to address the dynamic requirements of a fast-changing industry.

  • Support for Server Manager Services

    Orchestrator functionality has been extended to invoke REST calls to and from Server Manager. This eliminates the need for companies to learn additional scripting to automate administration tasks. Instead, they can leverage existing Orchestrator skills to automate common administration activities such as provisioning, monitoring, and management. Additionally, companies can leverage the Orchestrator features such as defining rules, sending notifications, and scheduling tasks for system administration. These capabilities continue JD Edwards’ investment in operational simplification to reduce the cost and effort of managing JD Edwards.

  • Enhancements to Launching Orchestrations from a Form

    JD Edwards first introduced the ability to launch orchestrations from EnterpriseOne forms in Tools Release With Tools Release, citizen developers can now map the return values from an orchestration to form controls. This capability will further reduce manual tasks that are time consuming and error prone. Leveraging this feature, a citizen developer can return information from other JD Edwards applications. For example, an orchestration can be executed to return category codes from Supplier Master to an entry application such as Purchase Order Entry. Additionally, an orchestration can be called to return information from an external application. For example, in Sales Order Entry, an orchestration can be executed to create a delivery from a shipping company and return the tracking number back to the sales order.

  • Simplified Diagnostics

    With Tools Release, Server Manager has been enhanced to simplify the process to capture system diagnostics. Within Server Manager there is a new option to “Collect and Generate Diagnostics.” This new option will capture key system configuration, log files and ESU history for the Enterprise Server, HTML Server, Deployment Server and Server Manager Console. This new capability will simplify the process and time to gather key information when working with Oracle Support, and therefore accelerate the resolution for Service Requests (SR).

Platform Certifications

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne deployments depend on a matrix of interdependent platform components from Oracle and third-party vendors. The product support lifecycle of these components is driven by their vendors, creating a continuous need to certify the latest versions of these products in order to give customers a complete technology stack that is functional, well-performing, and supported by the vendors. This tools release includes the following platform certifications:

  • Oracle Database 19c for Linux and JD Edwards 32-bit Enterprise Server
  • Oracle MAF 2.6

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne certifications are posted on the Certifications tab in My Oracle Support.

The updated version of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Platform Statement of Direction is published on My Oracle Support (Document ID 749393.1). Refer to this document for a summary of recent and planned certifications as well as important information about withdrawn certifications.