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Training Options

JD Edwards offers a variety of training options. Training for EnterpriseOne is available on both the Oracle University site and on the Oracle Learning Library. Training for World is available on the Oracle Learning Library.

Oracle University

Oracle University supports rapid deployment and adoption of your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne investment with “JD Edwards EnterpriseOne expert Training and Certification” for implementation team members, developers, and administrators. The curriculum is designed to teach your team how to efficiently and effectively implement and use your applications.

Oracle University has multiple courses available to help you gain the skills you need in the following categories:

If you are looking for a single solution for your training needs, Oracle offers the "Unlimited Product Learning Subscription", where you can access 13+ "JD Edwards Training On Demand Courses" for a low price.With this option, you will know when more JD Edwards courses are added as these will be included in your yearly subscription. You will also have access to all of the other Oracle Product online content as well, making this an extremely robust learning solution, available for you when you need it.

Go to for more information on our JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Training and Certification offerings and preview our Unlimited Product Learning Subscription to find the best training solution for you.

Oracle Learning Library

The Oracle Learning Library is home to valuable content that supports products across Oracle. Here you will find many different content types, such as tutorials, Business/Technical Brief, videos, demonstrations, and Oracle by Examples (OBE)…just to name a few.

Tutorials are short topic-focused recordings that provide conceptual information and, in most cases, a demonstration of the feature, process, or solution. Tutorials are published using a parent-child relationship. In cases where there are multiple related tutorials, a parent page is used to present the tutorials in a recommended sequence to enhance your learning experience.

TOIs provide a more diverse experience as some TOIs are very detailed and some provide a high level description of an entire release or initiative.

Business/Technical Brief are typically technical in nature although some provide an overall strategic view point. Technical Business/Technical Brief are available for Tools releases that are compatible with Application releases that are currently on Premier or Extended support.

Oracle by Example content is in HTML format and provides a scenario-based process that you can follow in your own JD Edwards environment.

Access the Oracle Learning Library Search tab if you would like to search for a specific content type or for content meeting specific criteria.

The JD Edwards Resource Library, on the Oracle Learning Library, provides a single location for accessing resources that reside in multiple locations. Resources are organized to help you easily locate related information, even if that information resides on another site.

Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK)

Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) Professional is an easy-to-use and comprehensive content development, deployment, and maintenance platform for increasing project, program, and user productivity. With Oracle UPK Professional, project teams can mitigate risk through all phases of any project lifecycle, dramatically reduce the time to deployment, and ensure end user adoption.

The value of UPK application content has relevance in many phases common to software implementation projects. For example, early on in the project lifecycle, UPK playback capabilities allow implementation leads to educate themselves on the delivered system process flows of the new application without having to actually configure a training environment, mitigating costs associated with labor and hardware, and reducing the new functionality learning curve. Click here for more details on UPK: Oracle User Productivity Kit.

Use the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud to download UPK content for JD Edwards. To see a list of available UPK Content for JD Edwards by release, visit the User Productivity Kit page on

UPK Resources


iLearnERP is a dedicated JD Edwards Training company that empowers users to be more confident and self-sufficient. Specializing in innovative, custom training solutions, iLearnERP leverages adult learning theory, instructional design, over 20 years of JDE experience, and the latest in eLearning to create truly successful blended learning solutions for both end users as well as core/product teams.

iLearnERP's end user solutions include UPK development and optimization, custom video learning, job aids, QRCs, and more. Their efficient and cost effective online solution for core/project teams, business analysts, and consultants, the EOne Academy™, brings every core JD Edwards Module to your fingertips 24/7. This comprehensive JDE university offers over 700 courses, including HCM, OVR, CNC, and the latest on release 9.2.

Please visit iLearnERP's website,, for more information on their training services, including the EOne Academy™.

iLearnERP is also an Oracle preferred certified delivery partner for JD Edwards Certified Specialization exams preparation. Please visit for additional information.


JDEtips Inc. is a team of J.D. Edwards specialists committed to knowledge transfer. We deliver deep dive training by JDE professionals with 20+ years of experience specific to the module they are teaching. The level of intensity of our training programs are designed to create a culture of Power Users, BA's, and Developers who are fully equipped to make JDE setup decisions to best serve your business needs and have a positive impact on your end user's experience.

Our live instructor-led training is hosted on the current release of E1 and comes complete with comprehensive, step by step, detailed manuals.

We also provide quick hit answers to common JDE issues via our library of tips, tricks and how to's , Knowledge Express. We have a team of mastery level consultants available so, if you need assistance on a project or just some one-on-one coaching, we do that too! If you want to be the best, learn from the best. See you in class!

Please visit us as for detailed information on our training services.

For more information on our Knowledge Express library, please click here

JD Edwards Day One - An Introduction to ERP

ILearnERP is proud to be a contributor to a college-level class introducing students to the concepts of ERP as seen through the lens of the Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriserOne ERP system. This 3-credit, full semester long class is in the on-line distance learning curriculum of the College of Business, School of Management, at Kansas State University, and can be made available to other schools, having been successfully taught to students from Community College through Masters Degree programs.

More information can be found at: