About Miscellaneous

The Miscellaneous menu contains a number of diverse features and functions that do not quite fit in any of the other menu categories and that might not be associated with a specific module.

Reports - Access the Reports module for printing reports, mailings, letters, etc.

Interfaces - With the Interfaces license codes activated, interfaces are used to send instructions to the currently running interfaces and enable ancillary functions as the printing of telephone booth folios and call details.

Show Quick Keys - Activate these keys from anywhere within OPERA to allow rapid access to information without having to leave the section or screen that you currently work on.

Change Password - Change your user password, i.e., the password that you log in with.

Data Extraction- Find and extract information from the OPERA database for creating customized mailings, contacts and guests lists, building files that can be imported into third-party programs, and setting up custom query statements

Awards Lookup – Search for awards already processed at this property.

Promotions - View current promotions that have been offered to guests including details and special instructions for each.

Enrollment - Work with loyalty program enrollment options and/or provide the information required by the gaming module Patron Tracking System (PTS) to enroll a guest.

Profile Merge - To keep the OPERA database trim and up-to-date, to ensure accurate profile statistics, and to reduce staff confusion, use the Merge Profiles feature to combine (merge) duplicate profiles.

Lookup - Update or review a guest's preferred guest membership details.

Print Tasks - Enable workstations for users to make direct connections to file and printer resources at OPERA servers.

User Activity Log – Access a view-only history of user activity in the OPERA database. OPERA logs any entries made into your user log file.

Memberships - Assist guests who didn't present their membership cards during check in to manually credit points to their membership cards even after they checked-out. Create exports files of membership data for frequent flyer memberships, guest club memberships, loyalty programs, and honors cards.

File / Country Exports - Collect information from different views and tables and export the data to an ASCII text file. To use this utility in OPERA, the OPP EXP license code should be activated. Activate the Country Export application function to generate all country specific legal exports. The data that is extracted from OPERA is inserted into a different database to be processed.

PMS/SC – Access the Sales and Catering application with an activated OPS <version number> license code and access the PMS application with an activated OPP <version number> license code.

Police – With the Police Interface application function activated, the Portuguese territory required Police interface initiates the sending of guest arrivals, modifications and departures in ASCII file format to the authorities and police, receives back the police registration number, and allows the ability to actively modify and manually resend records.

Vouchers - The Vouchers feature is available when the Reservations>Vouchers application function is set to Y. This feature allows the property to set up rules that will determine when vouchers are available to the guest and the value of those vouchers. Typically, vouchers would be "redeemable" for food and beverages or other products and services at the hotel.