Autonomous Data Warehouse

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse provides an easy-to-use, fully autonomous database that scales elastically, delivers fast query performance and requires no database administration.

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1. Overview of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

Learn more about the next-generation, self-driving Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud technology that is the foundation of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

2. Working with Compartments and Regions

Compartments can help you organize resources making it easier to control access to them.

4. Connecting Cloud-based Analytics Tools to Autonomous Data Warehouse

You can also use Oracle Analytics Cloud with Autonomous Data Warehouse for data exploration and data visualization.

3. Connecting Cloud-Based Data Integration Tools

Learn more about a typical enterprise data warehouse reference implementation with ETL/ELT batch processing, real time data replication, and data quality review.

5. Questions?

Use our CloudCustomerConnect forum, data warehouse blog and Support portal as a place to pose questions, connect with experts, and share your thoughts and ideas about Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

6. More Information

Checkout the following blogs for more information about using Autonomous Data Warehouse and connecting other Oracle Cloud services to your new data warehouse.