1 List of Supported Entities

Oracle Infrastructure Monitoring collects various status, performance, and configuration metrics for all supported entities.

Each entity in Oracle Management Cloud is defined using a multi-level hierarchical model as pictured below.

This image shows the entities definition model

Each entity or entity type is defined by a set of characteristics, it has a parent and may have other children. For example, a Generic Host is an operating system (OS) independent Target and it has children entities that are specific OS Hosts, like Linux, Windows and so on. . The metrics collection functionality takes advantage of this model so each monitored entity has entity-specific metrics as well as metrics inherited from each level it descended from. For example, OMC collects metrics at level 3 that are common to all Generic Hosts, independent of the vendor. A Linux Host, since its parent is a Generic Host, inherits all the metrics collected for Generic Hosts and its ancestors, as well as Linux specific ones, if any.

Following is a list of entities supported by Oracle Infrastructure Monitoring. Note each entity lists first the entity-specific metrics followed by the metrics inherited from a parent in the definition model.