Oracle EPM Account Reconciliation

Use these checklists on your first day! Follow the steps to do initial tasks like set up your environment, log in, enter data, analyze forms and use reports. The checklists are organized by predefined roles for Service Administrators, Power Users, Users, and Viewers.

Select your predefined role, then use a checklist to get started on your first day.

Service Administrator

As a Service Administrator, you are a Reconciliation Manager. You manage and foresee the entire process for your company. For example, you can manage Profiles, Match Types, Formats, Reports, and integrations. You can create and migrate applications, set up maintenance and backups, and perform all functional activities.

Power User

As a Power User, you are a department head or business unit manager in charge of a region. You manage several functional areas in Account Reconciliation. For example, you can create and maintain Profiles and Reconciliations, manage Reassignment Requests, manage Reports and perform Pre Mapped loads.


As a User, you are responsible for performing individual reconciliations. You can have one or all of these roles: Preparer, Commentator, and/or a Reviewer. You can perform these roles individually or as a Team. As part of performing reconciliations; you reconcile balances, match transactions, attach supporting documents, and answer certifying questions.


As a Viewer you are an executive or auditor. For example, you can view and analyze the performance of reconciliations through dashboards, reports, the Reconciliations card and Report Binders.