Account Intelligence overview

Important: This feature is only available if the Eloqua Advanced Intelligence Cloud Service is enabled for your account. Contact your account representative to learn more.

Account Intelligence leverages the Account Engagement Score to give you a clear view of each account's level of engagement.

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Oracle Eloqua has two ways of determining accounts:

  • If there is an account to contact linkage, a contact's activity is associated to the linked account.
  • If you do not use account to contact linkage, or the contact does not have a linked account, a contact’s activity is assigned to an account determined by the contact’s company name.

This means that all contact engagement is rolled up to an account.

Each type of account can receive an Account Engagement Score, from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the more engaged the account is.

Use the Account Engagement Score to measure the overall level of engagement of your accounts. Combined with the Account Performance dashboard, you can get a clear view of account engagement and engaged account contacts. Linked accounts also have the account engagement score available as an account field on the account record. This means you can use the score in segmentation, personalization, or lead scoring.

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