App Uninstalls Dashboard

Note: This dashboard is available only to users with the Mobile Apps Analytics Manager role.

This dashboard trends the number of app uninstalls over time. The app uninstalls are reported to Oracle Responsys by the service providers.

To Open the App Uninstalls Dashboard

  1. Click The Insight icon Insight on the side navigation bar, and select Interactive Dashboards.
  2. On the Analytics page, select the Mobile Apps tab and expand Deliverability.
  3. Click App Uninstalls.

To Select a Date Range

  1. Select the date range from the Event Date Range drop down list.
  2. Click Apply.

App Uninstalls Trend

This chart trends app uninstalls during the selected date range.

App Uninstalls by Month

This table shows the number of app uninstalls for each month in the selected date range. Click a month to see on which days of that month the uninstalls were performed.

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