Message Center Dashboard

Note: This dashboard is available only to users with the Mobile Apps Analytics Manager role.

The Message Center dashboard provides visibility on the number of messages sent to the mobile app's message center. The dashboard also indicates whether those messages were launched as part of a Push campaign (as a push notification that's also sent to the message center) or a Message Center campaign. The Message Center dashboard contains the Message Center Performance table.

To open the Message Center dashboard:

  1. Click The Insight iconInsight on the side navigation bar, and select Interactive Dashboards.
  2. On the Analytics page, select the Mobile Apps tab and expand Performance.
  3. Click Message Center.

To select a date range:

  1. Select the date range from the Sent Date Range drop-down list.
  2. Click Apply.

Message Center Performance report

This table displays information about campaigns that have been sent to the Message Center, for both Push campaigns and Message Center Direct campaigns, with the following metrics:

  • Distribution: Number of devices on the distribution list at time of launch
  • Skipped: Number of skipped messages
  • Skip Rate: (Skipped / Distribution) * 100%
  • Sent: Total number of sent notifications
  • Displays: Number of messages displayed to the user in the message listing within the mobile app message center
  • Display Rate: (Displays / Sent) * 100%
  • Opens: User taps on the message to be deep linked to detailed promotional content
  • Open Rate: (Opens / Sent) * 100%
  • Clicks: App user clicks on a call-to-action link in a rich HTML creative in the message
  • Click-through Rate: (Clicks / Sent) * 100%

Note: Learn more about definitions for Mobile App dimensions and measures.

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