Push Campaign Analysis Dashboard

Note: This dashboard is available only to users with the Mobile Apps Analytics Manager role.

This dashboard provides a comprehensive analysis of the selected Push campaign.

To open the Push Campaign Analysis dashboard:

  1. Click The Insight icon Insight on the side navigation bar, and select Interactive Dashboards.
  2. On the Analytics page, select the Mobile Apps.
  3. Select Push Campaign from the Campaign Type drop down list and click Apply.
  4. In the Push Campaign Performance table, click of the campaign you want to analyze.

Summary of Key Performance Metrics

The dashboard provides a quick overview of the following key performance metrics for the campaign:

  • Sent––Number of sent notifications
  • Delivered Rate––(Delivered/Total Pushes Sent) * 100%
  • Open Rate––(Opens/Delivered) * 100%
  • Active Rate––(Active/Delivered) * 100
  • Conversion Rate––(Conversions/Delivered) * 100%

Performance by Platform Type

This chart shows the following performance metrics, by platform type (the Operating System corresponding to the Platform selected by the App developer):

  • Active Rate––(Active/Delivered) * 100
  • Sent––Total number of sent notifications
  • Delivered Rate––(Delivered/Total Pushes Sent) * 100%
  • Conversion Rate––(Conversions/Delivered) * 100%

Top Conversion Types

This chart shows the top conversion types for the campaign

Campaign Performance

This report provides granular analysis of the campaign.

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