Data Types and Field Name Requirements

Field Name Requirements

  • Must be 30 or fewer characters in length.
  • Permitted characters: A-Z a-z 0-9 , $, # and _ (underscore). Name must start with A-Z a-z.

    Note: All system-defined field names are reserved and end with an underscore character. Example: EMAIL_ADDRESS_. Therefore, to avoid duplication, imported custom field names should not end with an underscore. See System-Defined List Fields to review these fields and details.

  • Field names cannot contain the single letters A, E, G, K, M P, T and U. These are reserved by the application.
  • Field names containing at least two characters are recommended.
  • Field names are not case-sensitive, for example: FirstName is the same as firstname.

Reserved Oracle Responsys Field Name Words

Important: To avoid conflicts with the database used by Oracle Responsys, do not use any of the following reserved words as field names in your tables.

access add admin administrator advisor all alter and any as
asc audit baseurl between by byte char check cluster column
comment connect compress create current data date decimal default delete
desc distinct double drop else exclusive exists extends false file
first float for from grant group having ID identified if
immediate import in increment index initial insert int integer intersect
into is last level like lock long M maxextents minextents
minus mlslabel mode modify noaudit nocompress nologging not nowait null
number of offline on online option or order package pctfree
pctused prior private privileges program protected public raw rename resource
revoke row rowid rownum rows select session set share size
smallint start successful synonym sysdate table test then to trigger
true uid union unique update user validate values varchar varchar2
view whenever where with            

Note: When you define fields, be sure your field names match the $text$ replacement fields and input field names used in your message documents and forms.

Available Field Data Types

The following data types are available for all system- and custom-defined fields.

Data Type Details
(up to 500 chars)
Data type of a field unless you specify otherwise
Long Text
(up to 4000 chars)
Does not use excessive space – Only stores text that is actually present. This limit applies to single-byte character sets, such as English. The limit is lower for multi-byte character sets, such as those used in Asian languages or UTF-8 characters.
Number Number that may include a decimal
Integer Whole number with no fractional part. Accommodates values from – 2,147,483,648 through 2,147,483,647
(date + time)
Used by Oracle Responsys for internal purposes.
Format must be yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss

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