Viewing Import History

You can view history in one of two ways:

  • Click The Lists icon Data on the side navigation bar, and select Profile Lists (Not seeing this choice? Refer to the Side navigation bar changes topic.), then click View Import History on the Profile Lists page.
  • On the Folders page, select the folder containing the List, supplemental data table, or link data table, click next to the item name, and select View History.

Import History Details and Analysis

  • The Load History page displays detailed information about all loads associated with the List, supplemental, or link tables you highlighted before selecting the View Import History option.
  • Click a load name to review and audit related details. Information includes load name, whether filtering is enabled, completion dates, record counts, and (if applicable) a direct link to all rejected records associated with the selected load name. (Periodically and after the completion of every load, you should review the Import History data for any rejected records.)
  • Rejected records can be downloaded, reviewed, corrected, and reloaded.
  • Load History pages display all load name entries and details throughout the lifecycle of your selected data source.
  • Displayed loads can be generated via the Load from File or Change Channel Status option.
  • Periodically and after the completion of every load, you should audit the View Import History data for any active List.

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