Changing List Schemas

Adding custom-defined fields to a List can be done during the import process using the Load from File option, or via the Change Schema page.

To select the Change Schema option, on the Folders page, select the folder containing the List, click next to List name, and select Change Schema.

System fields are defined and reserved by Oracle Responsys. System fields may not be altered. See System List Fields and Data Types and Field Names to review these fields and details.

Note the following:

  • All system-defined field names end with an underscore character.

    Example: EMAIL_ADDRESS_. Therefore, custom-defined field names may not end with an underscore.

  • Permitted characters: A-Z a-z 0-9 , and _ (underscore). Name must start with A-Z a-z, and must not end with _ (underscore).
  • System fields may not be retitled or deleted.
  • Field names cannot contain the single letters A, E, G, K, M P, T and U. These are reserved by the application.
  • Field names containing at least two characters are recommended.
  • You cannot reuse the same field name twice in the same List.
  • You can change/rename a custom field. However, you need to repeat the Pick List View option to have the renamed field column appear again when viewing your List.
  • Field Indexing is an advanced feature and usually only necessary for custom queries, database join operations, or when having performance issues. (Indexes are automatically created for system fields, for example: recipient ID, email address, and customer ID.)

    Warning: Excessive indexing can have negative impact on performance. It is recommended that you check and review indexing one field at a time. If noticeable improvement is not evident, immediately uncheck that Index selection. For indexing advice and details, contact Oracle Responsys Support.

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