RFM Overview


RFM for Email is enabled automatically for accounts provisioned after 19D. For accounts provisioned prior to 19D, please log in to My Oracle Support and create a service request to request access to this feature.

As of the Oracle Responsys 22A Update, RFM is also available for SMS and Mobile App for accounts enabled for those channels.

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To navigate to the RFM page:

  1. Click Insight An image of the global navigation with the Search icon selected. on the side navigation bar.
  2. Select RFM.

RFM is a unique machine learning driven take on the traditional purchase based RFM (aka Recency, Frequency, Monetary) analysis. RFM combines email engagement and purchase behavior to identify how your customers fall into these six persona categories. These personas are Champions, New, Promising, Can't Lose, At Risk, and Lost. For example, Champions are your most 'valuable.' They are your most recent engagers with the strongest rate of high value engagement. Profiles that are Lost are your weakest engagers, with minimum activity in the observed period of time. You can use these personas to create messaging that is personalized and targeted.

Steps to understanding RFM

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