Receiver Acknowledgment


To access the Brazil Certification Tax Authorities SuiteApp documentation in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil), see Brazil Certification Tax Authorities.

In Brazil, when your company receives an incoming e-document, you can communicate to the tax authority whether you recognize the transaction described in it. Authorities call this process receiver acknowledgment, and it consists of four events:

In NetSuite, the receiver acknowledgment feature covers the following processes:

To capture e-documents issued for your company's federal tax registration, NetSuite monitors the Secretaria da Fazenda's national environment, a service that centralizes e-documents certified nationwide. Every two hours, a script connects to the national environment and searches for new and updated e-documents. You can see the e-documents captured by NetSuite on the receiver acknowledgment page and select the events you want to send for each one.

To use the aforementioned features, you must set up the receiver acknowledgment records, templates, and plug-ins in your account. For more information, see Receiver Acknowledgment Setup.

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