Closing Goals

After you finish working on a goal, you can close the goal and add a reflection that details the outcome of the goal.

You cannot edit a closed goal, but you and your manager can still add comments to it.


After you close a goal, the goal’s actual value and progress are locked.

To close a goal:

  1. From the home screen of your Employee Center role, go to Talent > Goals.

  2. Move the goal that you want to close from the In Progress column to the Closed column.

  3. From the Status list, select a closed status:

    • Completed – The goal is complete.

    • Not Completed – The goal is not complete. For example, you may have a goal that is dependent on a project that is not completed on time.

    • Canceled – The goal is no longer required or relevant.

  4. In the Reflection section, enter your thoughts about the outcome of the goal.

  5. Click Save.

After you close a goal, an email notification is sent to your manager. Your manager can then enter a reflection about the outcome of the goal. You receive an email notification if your manager leaves a reflection on your goal.


If you close a goal with an area of focus attached to it, you can no longer delete the area of focus.

After your goal is closed for three months, it no longer appears on your Goals page. You can view goals that are older than three months on the All Goals page. For more information, see Viewing All Goals.

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