Website Deletion and Inactivation

If a website is no longer required, you may want to remove it. However, it is inadvisable, and often impossible, to delete the website record because other NetSuite records are dependent on it. It may also be necessary to keep all database references to the unused website for audit or other purposes. In these situations, you can inactivate the website without deleting the website record.

However, in some cases it may be appropriate to permanently delete the website record, for example, if a website was created accidentally or was never used.

Furthermore, you may want to take your website offline temporarily while you make changes such as updating images, adding banners, or editing product descriptions. While the site is offline, your custom site maintenance page is displayed. If you do not have a custom site maintenance page, a default maintenance message is displayed.

Depending on your reasons for making a website inaccessible, you can do so by:

See Differences between Deleting, Inactivating, and Taking a Website Offline for more information.


Prior to 2021.1, enabling any commerce-related feature (SuiteCommerce/SuiteCommerce Advanced/SuiteCommerce My Account/SuiteCommerce In Store) also enabled Site Builder and automatically created a website record using Site Builder. If you do not use Site Builder, you can disable it in your account. For more information, see Disabling Site Builder in your Account.

General Notices