Custom Properties in Oracle Content

Custom properties, such as tags, are used to find and retrieve files in Oracle Content. Tags are descriptions about your files and folders, and are prefixed with a number sign (#). For more information about tags, see Tags for Oracle Content Documents.

Tags for Oracle Content Documents

Through tags, you can use keywords to find your files in Oracle Content Documents. The folders and files stored in Oracle Content folders inherit the tags of their parent folders.

When you create an Oracle Content folder for a NetSuite record, values provided in some fields are automatically converted to tags. When deleted, default tags are automatically generated again after editing and saving the record. Your organization’s account administrator can determine the default tags that will be assigned to your Oracle Content files and folders. For more information, see Modifying Default Tags for Oracle Content Documents.

Project task folders inherit the tags assigned to the project folder.

The following screenshot shows examples of default tags added to an Oracle Content folder:

Custom Properties in Oracle Content

When you delete a record in NetSuite, the corresponding folder of the record is not deleted in Oracle Content. Tags are automatically assigned to the Oracle Content folders of the deleted records. The following table lists the default tags added to the Oracle Content folder after deletion of the NetSuite record:




  • Project_Deleted

  • Project_Deleted_On_MM_DD_YYYY

Project Task

  • Project_Task_Deleted

  • Project_Task_Delete_Date_YYYYMMDD

Adding Tags Manually in NetSuite Content and Experience

Aside from automatically generated tags, you can manually add tags to your files and folders stored in Oracle Content. When you manually add tags, you can use more keywords that can improve results when searching for files.

To manually add tags, you must be logged in to your Oracle Content account and in an active session in Oracle Content. Then, perform the following steps in NetSuite:

To add tags manually:

  1. Go to your Oracle Content Documents. Refer to the following procedures for instructions for accessing your Oracle Content Documents:

  2. Check the boxes of the folders and files that you want to add tags to.

  3. Click Tags.

    The Edit Tags window appears.

  4. In the Tags field, enter tags. Press Enter.


    Manually added tags with the same prefix as the default tags are not accepted by the system.

  5. Click Done.

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