Conversations in Oracle Content Documents

Use the Conversations feature of Oracle Content to collaborate with other assigned resources. You can post comments on the files stored in your Oracle Content folders.

Resources with Oracle Content credentials can access Conversations in the Documents subtab of a NetSuite record. You can view conversations, start a new one, or add posts to any conversation.

Using Oracle Content Conversations

To use the Conversations feature, you must be logged in to your Oracle Content account and in an active session in Oracle Content. Then, perform the following steps in NetSuite:

To use Oracle Content Conversations:

  1. Go to your Oracle Content Documents. Refer to the following procedures for instructions for accessing your Oracle Content Documents:

  2. Double-click the file and folder that you want to add a comment on.

  3. Click the Conversations in Oracle Content Documents icon.

    The Conversation pane appears.

  4. Enter your comments and click the Conversations in Oracle Content Documents icon to post.

For more information on using the Conversations feature, see Conversations Overview.

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