Project Dashboard

Similar to your main NetSuite Home dashboard, you can access a project dashboard with information specific to an individual project.

The project dashboard offers portlets and quick links for creating project tasks, managing resources, viewing the Gantt chart, and entering time and expenses.

There are visual indicators to quickly give you an idea of the project’s status. The % Complete Meter offers an at-a-glance look at where your project is along the timeline. Key Performance Indicators are available to show additional information about the health of your project.

You can also view a list of project tasks and resource allocations directly from the Project Dashboard. You can customize the dashboard with additional standard and custom portlets and rearrange how they appear by clicking Personalize Dashboard at the top of the page.

To view the project dashboard for a project, click the Dashboard icon at the top of the project record or in the Projects list.

Personalizing a Project Dashboard

NetSuite provides a default set of project dashboard portlets. This default dashboard configuration is largely personalizable. NetSuite lets you change your project dashboard content almost completely.

You can personalize a dashboard in the following ways:

Add content to a dashboard

Delete content from a dashboard

Set up portlet content


When displaying data for more complex financial reports (e.g. Income Statement Report), the KPI portlet can include data from all the existing projects on your account. To display content reflecting the chosen project only, we recommend you to create a custom report with filters based on your project. For more information, see Custom KPIs and Report Customization

Print or export portlet content

Minimize portlets on a dashboard

Refresh portlet content

Rearrange portlets on a dashboard

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