Importing Subrecord Data

Some types of NetSuite records may include sets of related data called subrecords. For example, each sales order record may include a set of item inventory detail subrecords. Subrecords are similar to record types, but subrecords must be created, edited, removed, or viewed from within the context of a standard (parent) record type. You can use the Import Assistant to import subrecord data for some record types.

Subrecord data can be included in the same file as other record type data in a single-file import, or you can upload a separate file for each subrecord's data in a multi-file import. In either case, file formatting can be complex. Multi-file imports match foreign keys in subrecord data files to primary keys in the primary record file data to determine relationships, whereas single-file imports that include subrecord data may have recursively repeating rows to represent relationships. It may be easier to set up multi-file imports, but there are no performance gains with this format. Be aware that if you put data for one subrecord in a separate file for an import, you must put data for all other subrecords in their own separate files as well. CSV processing of subrecord data is divided strictly between a single file or multi-file approach, so you cannot mix the two approaches. If you put some subrecord data in the primary record data file and some in a separate file, the import will not process successfully.

Supported subrecord imports vary according to the features that are enabled in your account. For a list of subrecords supported for import, see Supported Subrecord Imports.


Some related data may be structured as a sublist rather than as a subrecord of a record type. See Sublist Data Import.

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