Sublist Data Import

Some types of NetSuite records may include sets of related data called sublists. For example, each sales order record includes a set of items. The items data is considered a sublist of sales order. You can use the Import Assistant to import sublist data for some record types. Sublist data can be included in the same file as other record type data, or you can upload a separate file for each sublist's data.


Some related data may be structured as a subrecord rather than a sublist of a record type. See Importing Subrecord Data.

Supported sublist imports vary according to the features that are enabled in your account. For a list of sublists supported for import, see Supported Sublist Imports.

Some sublists include one or more key fields that can uniquely identify each sublist record. For keyed sublists, imported CSV file sublist data can selectively update or completely overwrite existing sublist data, depending upon the setting of the Overwrite Sublists option. For non-keyed sublists, CSV file sublist data can either be appended to or completely overwrite existing sublist data. Complete deletion of sublist data currently is not supported.

Be aware that if you do not map any fields for a sublist, no sublist data is imported, even if you set a default value for one or more sublist fields on the Field Mapping page. For information about mapping sublist fields, see Required Fields for Sublist Import Mapping.

Be aware that the CSV Import Assistant allows the import of records without a sublist, even if the sublist contains required fields. The Never Empty option, that makes a sublist mandatory and is available in the UI, is not supported in CSV import.

For some transaction types, you can update items data during the CSV import. For more information, see Line Item Updates on Transactions Imports.

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