Delimiters for Hierarchical and Multi-Select Fields

When importing records that contain hierarchical relationships, use a colon “:” as the field delimiter. If relationships are multi-tiered, place a colon between each record and subrecord. Place a space between each value and each delimiter.

If there is a hierarchy in a user interface dropdown list, then the CSV file requires the colon delimiter, even if a colon does not display in the UI dropdown list.

Example Hierarchical Delimiters

In this example, Solution 1 is associated with Topic B, which is a Subtopic of A. Solution 2 is associated with Topic Z, a Subtopic of Y, which is a Subtopic of X. The colon “:” is the field delimiter. You signify the hierarchy between items using the colon in the topic column.


. . .


Is Inactive


. . .

A : B



. . .

X : Y : Z


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