Table Summary

For each table, the browser displays a series of tables summarizing the following:

Primary keys use yellow highlighting, whereas foreign keys are highlighted in green. Pink highlighting is applied only to the date_last_modified columns, which are used for incremental backups.

Some of the labels used in the Connect Browser are described below.


The data types listed in the Connect Browser follow Oracle naming conventions. Consequently, depending on the SuiteAnalytics Connect driver you use, the data types of certain columns may vary.




Column name


Column data type


Maximum field length, in bytes


Maximum digits in a number or maximum characters in a string


Maximum decimal places in a number


A primary key column in a different table that is referenced by this column


The primary key table that is referenced by this column


Column description

PK Column Name

Primary key column name

PK Table Name

Primary key table name

FK Name

Foreign key name

FK Column Name

Foreign key column name

FK Table Name

Foreign key table name

Key Seq

For composite keys, the order of columns in a key


The domains this table is included in


If you are using the column attributes in your configuration, review them and make any adjustments as needed. To avoid errors or discrepancies, your configuration must match the column values listed in the Connect Browser.

Comparing Connect, SuiteScript, and SOAP Web Services Exposure

You can check whether the table you are viewing in the Connect Browser is supported as a record in SuiteScript or SOAP web services.

Schema Browser, Records Browser, and Connect Browser navigation

If the record is supported in SOAP web services or SuiteScript, you are directed to the corresponding page in the SOAP Schema Browser or the SuiteScript Records Browser. Otherwise, you are directed to the first page of the browser.

To compare record type support in SuiteScript, SOAP web services, and SuiteAnalytics Connect, see SuiteCloud Supported Records.

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