Creating Projects from Sales Transactions

When you use Project Management and sell service items that are tagged to create projects automatically, use the Create Projects from Sales Transactions page to bulk create these projects.


The Create Projects from Sales Transactions permission is required to create projects from sales transactions. Roles with this permission can create projects from sales transactions using templates without requiring the individual permissions for each project element. Add the Create Projects from Sales Transactions permission to any role you want to be able to create projects in bulk.

For more information on setting up items to create projects automatically, read Setting a Service Item to Create a Project.


The Consolidate Projects on Sales Transactions preference affects how projects are created using this method. For details, read Using the Project Consolidation Preference.

To create projects from sales transactions:

  1. Go to Transactions > Customers > Create Projects From Sales Orders.

    Sales orders, opportunities, and estimates appear in this list if they include items that are tagged to create projects but are not yet associated with a project and are not in one of the following statuses:

    • Canceled

    • Closed

    • Pending Approval

  2. Check the Create Projects box next to each transaction you want to create a project for.

  3. In the Project Name field, the name defaults from the Project ID on the project record. You can enter a different name.

  4. In the Project Template field, if a project template is selected on the service item the default template is selected. You can select a different template.

  5. Select a parent project, if applicable. The Parent Project dropdown appears only if other projects exist for the customer.

  6. In the Project Manager field, you can select a manager for this project.


    Only entities marked as project resources on the Human Resources subtab of employee and vendor records appear in the Project Manager dropdown. For more information, see Identifying an Employee as a Project Resource and Identifying a Vendor as a Project Resource.

  7. Click Submit.

When you submit this form, new project records are created for the service items on these transactions.

These projects default to show the primary contact from the customer on the sales transaction. The start date of the project defaults to the start date of the sales transaction.

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