Integrating with Multiple Shipping Carriers

NetSuite enables you to integrate with each carrier you use to track shipments and print labels.

Selecting a Default Shipping Carrier

When you set up shipping, you also select a default shipping carrier. You can display any of the following based on the shipping accounts you set up: More, FedEx, FedEx/More, FedEx/USPS, FedEx/USPS/More, USPS/More, USPS.

For example, if you set up a FedEx account only and do not define any NetSuite shipping items, then you can select either UPS or FedEx as the default shipping carrier. If you set up accounts with UPS, FedEx, USPS, and set up NetSuite shipping items, you can then select either UPS or FedEx/USPS/More as the default shipping carrier. If you do not integrate with any shipping carriers, your choices are UPS or More.

The Default Shipping Carrier preference in NetSuite does not restrict you to using only one carrier. You can always change the carrier. When you create a sales order or other transaction, the carrier name is automatically displayed. If you use multiple carriers, select the shipping option that you use most frequently for the Default Shipping Carrier so you do not have to change the carrier as often when entering transactions.

To learn more, see Setting Shipping Preferences.

Printing Shipping Labels for Multiple Carriers

If you integrate with multiple carriers, set up printers to print labels for each carrier because each carrier requires different drivers to print labels. Otherwise, you have to reinstall the carrier-specific driver every time you want print different labels.

To print labels for multiple shipping carriers:

  1. Set up a separate printer for each shipping carrier you use.

  2. Install the carrier-specific driver for each printer.

    To learn more, See Printing Integrated Shipping Labels With a Thermal Printer.

  3. Load labels and printing supplies.

  4. Fulfill a sales order.

    The sales order must use an integrated shipping item as the shipping method or Ship Via.

  5. Check the Shipping Label Integration box.

  6. Go to Transactions > Management > Print Checks and Forms.

  7. Print labels using one of the following procedures:

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