Setting Up Credit Card Processing Profiles in NetSuite

Set up a credit card processing profile in NetSuite for each credit card gateway you use. You can set up multiple profiles in NetSuite based on your business needs. You must set up a credit card gateway profile for each settlement currency and merchant bank account your company uses.

NetSuite integrates with the following preferred gateway partners:


NetSuite currently maintains SECPay as a legacy gateway partner only for existing credit card gateways.

NetSuite also integrates with additional regional gateway partners that provide credit card processing services in specific countries. See Regional Payment Gateways.

Before you set up a credit card processing profile in NetSuite, you must:

To set up a credit card processing profile:

  1. Go to Setup > Accounting > Payment Processing Profiles > New.

  2. Click the Add Profile next to the gateway integration you want to set up.

    The gateway integration must be installed in your account. Otherwise, Install shows instead of Add Profile.

    For instructions for setting up a preferred gateway, see CyberSource, MerchantE, and WorldPay (UK) Limited.

    For information about setting up a regional gateway, see Setting Up Regional Payment Gateways.

The new credit card processing profile page includes a section where you select the types of payment requests the gateway will process:

In most cases, select all request types for a gateway to fully utilize the gateway processing functionality and provide smooth credit card processing for your website. All the gateway request types are enabled by default when you set up a new credit card gateways. For information about how to set these options when changing credit card gateways, see Transitioning to a New Gateway and Disabling the Old Gateway.


If you select the Sales request and leave the Authorizations request blank, the processing profile will perform a direct sale request. When you select this profile on a sales order, the funds are captured before fulfilling the order. The captured funds are associated with the order as a customer deposit.

Payer Authentication

Enable the Payer Authentication on a payment processing profile to redirect the shopper to a payer authentication site. On this site, shoppers enter or create passwords for their credit cards. Payer authentication protects you from chargebacks for unauthorized transactions by verifying that the cardholder makes the purchase. This also provides enhanced security for cardholders.

Allow Request ID to Meet Payment Card Field Requirements

On a Payment Processing Profile page, check the Allow Request ID to Meet Payment Card Field Requirements box to allow credit cards to be charged by referencing the original Request ID when the order is authorized outside of NetSuite.

These are orders passed to NetSuite using SOAP web services. This preference enables the credit card entered on the external order to be charged by referencing the request ID from the originating authorization rather than requiring card information to be present on the sales order in NetSuite.

Restricting Payment Processing Profiles by Customer Data

To prevent processing payments with incompatible payment processing profiles, you can show in the Payment Processing Profile field only those payment processing profiles that support all of the following requirements:

If you use One World intercompany accounts, this restriction prevents one subsidiary from using another subsidiary’s payment processing profiles.

To restrict payment processing profiles by customer data:

  1. Go to Setup > Accounting > Preferences > Accounting Preferences.

  2. Click the Items/Transactions subtab.

  3. Under Payment Processing, check the Use Strict Rules for the Selection of Payment Processing Profiles.


    When this preference is enabled, it takes precedence over the Restrict Payment Methods by Customer Currency preference on the Shopping subtab of your Website record at Commerce > Websites > Website List. This means that even if the Restrict Payment Methods by Customer Currency is disabled, only those payment methods that support the shopper’s currency are displayed on your web store.

    In addition, if no payment method supports the shopper’s currency, no payment method shows on the Payment Information page of your web store. (This is the opposite behavior of the Restrict Payment Methods by Customer Currency preference.)

  4. Click Save.

Now, only compatible payment processing profiles show in the Payment Processing Profile field on the Payment subtab of a sales order, cash sale, or any other transaction that has this subtab.

Regional Payment Gateways

NetSuite integrates with credit card gateways that provide credit card processing services for a specific country or region. To use a regional credit card gateway, the Payment Gateway SuiteApp must be installed in your account. The SuiteApp is automatically provisioned in some accounts. For others, you must install it from Customization > SuiteBundles > Search & Install Bundles. For more information about installing the Payment Gateway SuiteApp, see Installing the Payment Gateway SuiteApp.


Regional payment gateways do not support credit requests.

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