Warehouse Processing

You can process inventory items and materials that you receive from your vendors to get them ready to ship to customers. A combination of item, manufacturing, and inventory management features supports the following warehouse processes:

Identification with Bar Coding

Instead of manually entering items and transaction numbers, you can scan item bar codes. You can integrate bar code scanning of inventory items into your inventory workflow in the following ways:

Print Bar Code

For more information, see Bar Codes and Item Labels or Scanning Bar Codes.

Manufacturing of Inventory Items

Inventory item types for manufacturing include Groups, Kit/Packages, and Assemblies. You can track your inventory throughout the manufacturing process, as you build or package inventory items that you send to customers.

To learn about the differences between the item types, see Groups, Assemblies, and Kit/Packages. For more information about the manufacturing process, see Manufacturing Overview.

Organization with Bin Management

Bin Management lets you identify areas where you store inventory items and track the on-hand quantity of these items in bins. Within your warehouse, operators can determine where to go to find items for picking and fulfilling orders. You can also use bins to specify where to put away items in stock when you receive them

If you track serialized and lot-numbered inventory, you can use the Advanced Bin / Numbered Inventory Management to manage these item types in bins.

Processing Inventory Counts

If you use the Inventory Count feature, you can record and track the details of inventory counts in your warehouse. You can create calculated or manual counts. In combination with the Bin Management features, you can track and count inventory items in bins.

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