JavaFX Scene Builder User Guide


About This User Guide

This guide introduces you to the JavaFX Scene Builder user interface (UI). JavaFX Scene Builder (Scene Builder) is a design tool for the JavaFX platform. You drag and drop UI components to a Content panel, and the FXML code for the layout that you are creating is automatically generated in the background. FXML is an XML-based declarative markup language for defining the user interface in a JavaFX application. To learn more about FXML, read Getting Started with FXML.

This document assumes that you have already installed the Scene Builder product on your system and have also downloaded the samples bundle file that is provided at the same download site. See the JavaFX Scene Builder Installation Guide for more detailed information.

The following topics describe the different JavaFX Scene Builder features. You can also access the topics by expanding the table of contents on the right side of the HTML version or on the left side for PDF version of this document.