A Configuring Exalogic Machine Using ECU

This appendix provides an overview of the Exalogic Configuration Utility (ECU).

It contains the following topics:

A.1 Overview

The ECU enables you to perform the initial configuration of an Exalogic machine and to connect the machine to your existing network. The ECU does not perform all of the initial configuration steps. For more information, see Section 5.4, "Initial Network Configuration of Exalogic Machine."

The ECU verifies the current state of your Exalogic machine before performing any initial configuration.

During manufacturing, an Exalogic machine is configured with the following default network topology:

  • Compute nodes and storage heads with NET0, ILOM, and BOND0 (IPoIB) interfaces

  • Sun Network QDR InfiniBand Gateway Switches with the ILOM interface


Sun Datacenter InfiniBand Switch 36, which is included in Exalogic full- and half-rack machines, is not connected or configured, by default. This switch is used in multirack configuration scenarios only. For more information, see Chapter 13, "Using Sun Datacenter InfiniBand Switch 36 in Multirack Configurations".

In addition, the Cisco Ethernet management switch is not configured, by default.

For information about configuring VNICs for Ethernet connectivity, see Chapter 10, "Configuring Ethernet Over InfiniBand".

A.2 Important Notes Before You Begin

Before using the ECU to configure the Exalogic machine, keep the following points in mind:

A.3 Configuration Tasks

Oracle recommends strongly that the configuration tasks using ECU be performed by fully trained, qualified Oracle personnel or by formally accredited Oracle partners. For more information, contact Oracle Advanced Customer Support (ACS):

Email: acsdirect_us@oracle.com

Website: http://www.oracle.com/acs