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Paying Invoices in Payment Batches

Use payment batches to create payments for multiple invoices that meet selection criteria you specify. In addition to controlling which invoices Payables selects for payment in the batch, you can also set limits on payment amounts and decide whether to take applicable discounts.

You follow a series of steps to create your payment batch payments, and you initiate each step from the Payment Batch Actions window. The following figure illustrates the sequence of steps you follow to complete a payment batch.

Note that all payment batch windows display amounts in the payment currency.

You can check the status of a payment batch at any time during the payment batch process by checking the Status field in the Payment Batches window.

You can restart a payment batch if a concurrent process fails. You can also restart check printing if the printer malfunctions during check printing.

Payment batch tasks:

Initiating Payment Batches

Building Payments

Modifying Payment Batches

Formatting Payments

Printing Payment Batch Checks

Confirming Payment Batches

Finding Payment Batches

Reviewing Payment Batches

Troubleshooting a Payment Batch

Cancelling Payment Batches

Printing a Preliminary Payment Register

Printing Separate Remittance Advice

Batch Control Report

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