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Setup and Maintenance

Overview of Setting Up

General Ledger Setup Flowchart

Defining Your Chart of Accounts

Accounting Flexfield...

Defining Descriptive Flexfields for General Ledger

Defining Accounts

Project Tracking in General Ledger

Setting Up Periods and Calendars...

Defining Sets of Books...

Defining Journal Sources

Defining Journal Categories

Defining Suspense Accounts

Defining Intercompany Accounts

Defining Summary Accounts...

Using Account Hierarchy Editor

Defining Statistical Accounts

Defining Statistical Units of Measure

Defining Document Sequences

Assigning Document Sequences

Setting the Oracle General Ledger Profile Options

Setting Up Journal Approval

Setting Up Automatic Tax Calculation...

Setting Up Centralized Transaction Approval (CENTRA)...

System Controls...

Maintenance and Performance...

Using Attachments in General Ledger

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