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Siebel eFinance Functionality and Modules

Siebel eFinance Basic Functionality and Modules

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Getting Started

Renaming Siebel Account Objects

Integrating Data with Host Applications

Configuring Lists of Values

Setting Up Type, Area, and Subarea Information

Establishing Applets as Read and Write or Read-Only

Determining Which Data Fields to Display

Configuring Summary Views

Editing a Summary View Layout

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Business Scenario

Sales Representative Creates New Opportunity

Opportunities Sample Tasks

Investment Banker Creates IPO Deal

Administrator Procedures

Adding an Opportunity as an Administrator

Managing Opportunities

Configuring Persistent Filters

End-User Procedures

Adding an Opportunity

Creating an Opportunity from an Application

Using Persistent Filters

Managing Deals

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About Company Hierarchies

Business Scenario

Sales Representative Tracks Company Information

Companies Sample Tasks

Administrator Procedures

Setting Up Values for Companies

Deleting Company Information

Managing Competitor Information

Competitor Information

Verifying Coverage Team Members

Managing the Custom-Defined Relationship Types LOV

Generating Company Hierarchies for Data Aggregation

End-User Procedures

Adding a Company

Updating a Company Profile

Viewing Company Hierarchies in Roll-up Views

Creating Assessments for a Company

Associating Applications with a Company

Associating a Service Request with a Company

Managing a Company Coverage Team

Viewing a Company Summary

Viewing a Company Relationship Hierarchy

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Business Scenario

Sales Representative Adds a New Contact

Private Banker Prepares for Sales Call

Contacts Sample Tasks

Administrator Procedures

End-User Procedures

Administrator Procedures

End-User Procedures

Managing Contact Information

Creating a Customer Value Assessment

Viewing a Contact Summary

Viewing a Contact Relationship Hierarchy

Creating and Using a Book of Clients

Managing Mortgages

Creating a Financial Plan

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Business Scenario

Households Sample Tasks

End-User Procedures

Adding a Household

Adding a Contact to a Household

Viewing a Household Summary

Viewing a Household Relationship Hierarchy

Viewing and Evaluating Household Portfolios

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Call Reports

Business Scenario

Call Reports Sample Tasks

Administrator Procedures

Viewing Call Report Charts

Activating the Auto Call Report Workflow

End-User Procedures

Managing Call Reports

Creating a Distribution List

Associating Action Items, Notes, and Attachments

Setting the Privacy Flag

Emailing and Printing a Call Report

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Business Scenarios

Institutional Finance

Retail Finance

Activities Sample Tasks

End-User Procedures

Making an Appointment with a Customer

Managing the My To Do List

Assigning an Activity to a Coworker

Viewing Company Coverage Team Activities

Creating a Call List

Providing a Literature Fulfillment by Email

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Financial Accounts

Business Scenarios

Call Center Agent

Relationship Manager

Wealth Management/Brokerage Relationship Manager

Financial Accounts Sample Tasks

Administrator Procedures

Financial Account Administration

Account Categories and Account Types

Managing Financial Accounts

Setting Up Household Financial Accounts Virtual Business Components

End-User Procedures

Reviewing a Financial Account

Creating a Service Request Using the GO Button

Placing a Trade

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Service Requests

Business Scenarios

Call Center Agent Creates a Service Request

Relationship Manager Creates a Service Request

Application Administrator Changes a Company Name

Service Request Sample Tasks

Administrator Procedures

End-User Procedures

Administrator Procedures

End-User Procedures

Creating a Service Request

Requesting an Account Service in a Service Request

Changing a Company's Address or Name Information

Changing a Customer's Address or Personal Information

Recording a Customer Appeal or Grievance

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Financial Needs Analyses

Business Scenario


Call Center Agent

Relationship Manager

Financial Needs Analysis Sample Tasks

Administrator Procedures

Needs Analysis Script Creation

Setting Up Product Scores

Creating Investment Objectives and the Portfolio Mix

End-User Procedures

Performing a General Needs Analysis for a Company

Performing a General Needs Analysis for a Contact

Performing an Investment Needs Analysis for a Contact

Generating a Recommendation from a Needs Analysis Session

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Business Scenarios

Administrator Creates a New Product

Branch Agent Assists a Customer Opening a New Account

Applications Sample Tasks

Administrator Procedures

Setting Up an Application Workflow

Activating the Auto Application Workflow

Sales Method Creation and Modification

Activity Plans Set Up

Correspondence Set Up

Application Form Template Creation

End-User Procedures

Viewing and Creating Applications

Managing Application Information

Creating a Small Business Loan Application

Processing an Application

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Commercial Loans

Business Scenario

Administrator Sets Up Approval Stages and Underwriting Standards

Loan Officer Creates New Loan Request

Credit Committee Officer Reviews Loan Request

Credit Administrator Sets Up Capital Facility

Commercial Loans Sample Tasks

Administrator Procedures

Assessment Templates

Activities Plan

Document Template

Setting Up an Approval Level

Setting Up a Portfolio Type for a Commercial Loan

Associating a Facility with a Financial Account

End-User Procedures

Creating a Commercial Loan Request

Setting Up a Facility

Syndicating a Facility

Setting Pricing and Fees

Adding a Guarantor

Adding a Covenant

Adding Collateral

Creating a Policy Exception

Reviewing an Underwriting Standard

Reviewing Group Exposure

Entering a Credit Decision for a Commercial Loan

Assigning a Loan Request

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Business Scenarios

Collections Sample Tasks

Administrator Procedures

End-User Procedures

Researching Delinquent Accounts

Executing a Collection Campaign

Recording Skip Trace, Legal, and Bankruptcy Information

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Business Scenarios

Administrator Adds a Security to Siebel eFinance

Investment Representative Determines Customer Objectives

Securities Sample Tasks

Administrator Procedures

Adding Securities Lists of Values

Creating and Modifying Stock, Bond, and Mutual Fund Records

End-User Procedures

Updating Securities Information

Adding a Business-To-Business Institutional Call List

Adding a Business-To-Consumer Retail Call List

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Business Scenario

Investors Sample Tasks

End-User Procedures

Adding an Investor

Displaying an Investor Organizational Chart

Adding Holdings

Managing a Coverage Team

Displaying a List of Transactions or Holdings by Investor

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Products and Pricing

Business Scenario

Administrator Defines New Products

Customer Service Representative Views Product Information

Products Sample Tasks

Administrator Procedures

Creating a New Product

Defining Fees and Rates

End-User Procedure

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Access Exceptions

Business Scenario

Access Exceptions Sample Tasks

Administrator Procedures

Setting an Access Level for Literature and Lists

Modifying Business Process Administration for Access Exceptions

Setting a Business Process Policy for a Distribution Exception

End-User Procedures

Adding an Access Exception

Setting an Access Level

Viewing an Access Exceptions Chart

Viewing an Access Exception Associated with a Piece of Literature

Viewing an Access Exception Associated with a List

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Group Pensions

Business Scenarios

Group Pension Sample Tasks

End-User Procedures

Defining a Group Pension Product

Defining a Group Pension Plan

Administering Group Pension Plans

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Validation, Approval, and Disclosure Business Services

Business Scenarios

Customer Purchases Mutual Fund Shares

Siebel eFinance Business Services Sample Tasks

Administrator Procedures

Automating Validation Processing

Automating Approval Processing

Automating the Display of Disclosure Documents

End-User Procedures

Approving or Declining an Approval Stage

Viewing Disclosures Associated with Contacts

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Siebel eFinance Integration Messages

AMS Connector

Integrating Siebel eFinance with AMS ACAPS

Required Setup Procedures

Configuring an Oracle Connection and ODBC Data Source

Loading AMS Reference Data

Installing and Configuring IBM MQSeries AMI

Understanding and Activating Workflows

Business Service User Properties

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Siebel eFinance Reports

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Sample ASPs for Household Financial Accounts Virtual Business Components






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 Siebel eFinance Guide 
 Published: 20 October 2003