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Oracle Demantra User's Guide
Release 7.3
Part Number E05072-06
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Oracle Demantra User's Guide


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Collaborator Workbench

Getting Started with Collaborator Workbench

First-Time Logon
Logging into Collaborator Workbench
Illegal Characters in Oracle Demantra
A Brief Tour of Collaborator Workbench
Managing the Collaborator Workbench Page
Typical Use of Collaborator Workbench
Logging Off
Ending a Hung Session
Changing Your Password

Managing Tasks

About Tasks
Viewing Tasks Assigned to You
Opening a Task
Addressing a Task
Creating and Sending a Task
Resolving a Failed Task

Using Content Panes

Overview of Content Panes
Types of Content Panes
Displaying a Content Pane
Refreshing a Content Pane
Opening the Associated Worksheet
Viewing the Definition of a Content Pane

Using a Members Browser Content Pane

Introduction to the Members Browser
Launching a Filtered Worksheet
Viewing the Attributes of a Member
About Creating, Editing, and Deleting Members
Creating a Member
Modifying a Member
Deleting a Member
Using Other Right-Click Menu Options

Personalizing Collaborator Workbench

Configuring Your Default Layout
Configuring My Tasks
Configuring My Worksheets

Creating and Redefining Content Panes

Creating or Editing Content Panes
Introduction to the Content Pane Editor
Configuring the Basics
Selecting Series on a Content Pane
Specifying the Time Resolution and Time Span
Specifying Aggregation Levels
Using the Advanced Selection Options
Changing the Overall Scale or Unit of Measure
Filtering the Content
Applying Exception Filters
Sharing Content Panes
Deleting Content Panes

Logging in Remotely

Introduction to Oracle Demantra Anywhere
Logging Onto Oracle Demantra Anywhere
Opening a Worksheet in Demantra Anywhere
Using Worksheets in Oracle Demantra Anywhere

Using Worksheets

Getting Started with Worksheets

Opening a Worksheet
Tutorial: Getting Acquainted with Worksheets
Worksheet Usage Modes
User Access

Working with Data

Viewing Data
Editing Data
Saving and Viewing Changes
Sorting Worksheet Data
Copying and Pasting Data
Copying and Pasting to and from Microsoft Excel
Exporting Data to Microsoft Excel
Linking Data into Third-Party Reporting Tools (through DOL)
Viewing Notes
Editing Notes
Viewing and Managing Attachments to Notes
Specifying Note Permissions
Refreshing the Local Worksheet Cache
Viewing the Audit Trail

Managing the Screen

Managing Multiple Worksheets
Managing Worksheet Views
Managing View Elements
Managing Empty Rows
Worksheet, Layout, and Data
Worksheet Definition, Layout, and Local Adjustments

Working with the Worksheet Graph

Graph Styles and Variations
Changing the Graph Style

Working Offline

About Working Offline
Setting Up Your Offline Environment
Saving Data for Offline Use
Accessing an Offline Worksheet
Reloading Offline Data

Managing Items and Locations

About Managing Items and Locations
Viewing the Attributes of an Item or Location
Creating an Item or Location
Making a New Member Visible
Modifying an Item or Location
Deleting an Item or Location
Overview of New Product Introduction
Removing Lifecycle Definitions
Opening an Item or Location in Another Worksheet
Using Other Right-Click Menu Options

Creating and Redefining Worksheets

Introduction to Worksheets and Views
Introduction to Levels
Introduction to Series
Visual Elements of Worksheet Views
Levels and Layout Variations
Introduction to the Worksheet Editor
Creating or Editing a Worksheet
Configuring the Worksheet Basics
Selecting Series on a Worksheet
Specifying the Time Resolution and Time Span
Specifying Aggregation Levels
Using the Advanced Selection Options
Changing the Overall Scale or Unit of Measure
Filtering the Worksheet
Applying Exception Filters
Defining the View Layout
Adding and Managing Worksheet Views
Specifying the Worksheet Elements in a View
Adding an Embedded Worksheet
Filtering a Worksheet View
Sharing Worksheets
Deleting Worksheets
General Tips on Worksheet Design
Viewing the Definition of a Worksheet

Desktop-Only Tools

Member Management

Introduction to Member Management
Starting Member Management
Introduction to the Member Management Tool
Creating a Member
Creating a Combination
Creating Placeholder Data
Managing the Lowest-Level Combinations
Moving a Member
Copying a Member
Renaming a Member
Deleting a Member

Chaining Management

Introduction to Chaining
Opening Chaining Management
Introduction to the Chaining Management Tool
Overview of Chaining Options
Defining a New Chaining Operation
Performing a Chaining Operation
Scenario 1: Copying at Lowest Level (No Similarity)
Scenario 2: New Product (Location Similarity)
Scenario 3: Merging Two Locations
Scenario 4: Two New Products
Scenario 5: Multiple Sources


URLs and Shortcuts

Oracle Demantra URLs
Keyboard Shortcuts

Product Features

Product Features Overview
Oracle Demantra Demand Management
Oracle Demantra Advanced Forecasting and Demand Modeling
Oracle Demantra Real-time Sales and Operations Planning
Oracle Demantra Predictive Trade Planning
Oracle Demantra Trade Promotion Optimization
Oracle Demantra Deductions and Settlement Management