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Sun Netra CP3270 ATCA Blade Server User’s Guide

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Software and Firmware Upgrades

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Part Number, Serial Number, and MAC Address Label Locations

Programming the Blade Server


I2C Device Mapping

AMC and ARTM Traffic Port

OEM and IPMI Commands



On-Board Connectors

The following on-board connectors are available:

AMC Connector

The support for an AMC is described in Advanced Mezzanine Card Support.

One 170-pin connector provides the AMC connection. The connector and pinouts are defined by the industry-standard specification PICMG Advanced Mezzanine Cards AMC.0 Specification R1.0 ECR-002 D0.9, June 29, 2006.

The AMC slot is available at the front of the blade server (see On-Board Connectors). The AMC can be accessed from the front, depending on the features of the AMC, or through an optional advanced rear transition module (ARTM).

The following table lists the AMC port pin mapping.

Figure showing AMC port pin mapping.
DDR3 DIMM Connector

The DIMM connector is located on the blade server, as shown in the following figure.

Figure showing location of DIMM channels on the blade server.

For a description of on-board memory support, see Memory.

Compact Flash Connector

One Compact Flash Type II connector provides 16 GB of user flash. Socket is accessible only when blade is removed from chassis. The following figure shows the connectors.

Figure showing compact flash connector pins.
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