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Sun Network 10GbE Switch 72p

User’s Guide

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Document Information

Using This Documentation

Product Notes

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CLI Command Modes


Support and Accessibility

Understanding the Switch

Switch Overview

Front Panel Components

Rear Panel Components

Confirming Switch Specifications

Physical Specifications

Electrical Specifications

Environmental Specifications

Acoustic Noise Emissions

Installing the Switch

Preparing to Install the Switch

Verify Shipping Kit Contents

Antistatic Precautions

Install the Switch in the Rack

Connecting Management Cables

Management Cable Requirements


Connect the NET MGT Cable


Connect the SER MGT Cable

Powering On the Switch

Power Cord Specifications

Power On the Switch

Connecting Ethernet Cables

QSFP Cables

SFP+ Cables

Splitter Cables

Ethernet Cable Cautions

Connect Ethernet Cables

Finish the Switch Installation

Administering the Switch

Connecting to the Service Processor

Oracle ILOM Overview

Oracle ILOM Features Not Supported

Verify the DHCP-Assigned IP Address and Host Name

Configure Network Management From CLI (SER MGT)

Log Into Oracle ILOM Web (NET MGT)

Log Into Oracle ILOM CLI (NET MGT)

Log Into Oracle ILOM CLI (SER MGT)

SER MGT Port Configuration Parameters

Configure Network Management From Web

Configure Network Management From CLI (NET MGT)

Log Out of ILOM

Configuring SEFOS User Privileges

Create a SEFOS User

Change a SEFOS User Privilege Level

Update the Firmware

Connecting to SEFOS

SEFOS Overview

Connect to SEFOS

Disconnect From SEFOS

Servicing the Switch

Troubleshooting the Switch

Identifying LEDs

Sensors Overview

Check Switch Status (LEDs)

Check Switch Status (Oracle ILOM)

Component Sensor Targets

Motherboard Sensor Targets

Understanding Service Procedures

Tools Needed for Service

Replaceable Components

Servicing Power Supplies

Power Off a Power Supply

Remove a Power Supply

Install a Power Supply

Power On a Power Supply

Servicing Fans

Remove a Fan

Install a Fan

Servicing Ethernet Cables

Remove an Ethernet Cable

Install an Ethernet Cable

Servicing the Battery

Remove the Battery

Install the Battery



QSFP Cables

Each QSFP connector on the switch contains four SFP+ 10GbE ports (64 10GbE ports total).

The QSFP ports support the following types of cables:

Before installing a QSFP Ethernet cable, identify the type of QSFP Ethernet cable that you are using for the connection.

The passive copper Ethernet cable is a single-part unit, where the cable and the optical tranceiver (cable connector) are a single combined assembly.

The active fiber QSFP Ethernet cable is a dual-part unit, where the cable and the optical tranceiver are separate parts.

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