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1 Overview to Common Foundation

Part I Introduction to JD Edwards World Software

2 Overview to JD Edwards World Software

3 Understand the System Interface

4 Sign On and Sign Off the System

5 Understand Time-Outs

Part II Menus

6 Overview to Menus

7 Use the Context Sensitive Menu

8 Navigate Menus

Part III Screens

9 Overview to Screens

10 Use the Context Sensitive Menu on a Screen

11 Access Programs and Screens

Part IV Interactive and Batch Jobs

12 Overview to Interactive and Batch Jobs

13 Work with Interactive and Batch Jobs

Part V Help Information

14 Overview to Help Information

15 Locate Program-Level Help Instructions

16 Locate Field Level Help

Part VI Records

17 Overview to Records

18 Search for an Address Book Record

19 Work with a Record

Part VII User Defined Codes

20 Overview to User-Defined Codes

21 Work with User-Defined Codes

22 Work with Category Codes

Part VIII Reports

23 Overview to Reports

24 Define the Version Preferences

25 Create a Version

26 Work with Print Options

27 Work with DREAM Writer Versions

28 Work with Submitted Reports

29 Work with Output and Job Queues

A Functional Servers