Managing System Services in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014

Service Names

Each service and service instance is represented by a Fault Management Resource Identifier (FMRI). The full FMRI for a service instance has the following format:


The service_name is a hierarchical name such as network/dns/client or application/pkg/server. Components of the service_name that precede the final forward slash character (/) are the category of the service. Categories such as application, device, milestone, network, and system help identify the purpose of the service.

The site category is reserved to help you avoid name conflicts when you create your own SMF services. For example, a site-specific service named svc:/site/tool will not conflict with an Oracle Solaris service named svc:/tool.

Service instance names are appended to the parent service name after a colon character. For example, svc:/system/identity:node and svc:/system/identity:domain are instances of the svc:/system/identity service.

In scripts, best practice is to use the full service instance name. Interactively, names can be shortened to the rightmost portions of the name that result in a unique name. For example, svc:/system/identity can be shortened to identity, and svc:/system/identity:domain can be shortened to identity:domain. Instance names must be preceded by some portion of the service name, followed by a colon character.