Managing System Services in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014

New Features in This Release

The following SMF features are new in this release:

Synchronous restart and refresh operations

A new -s option for the restart and refresh subcommands of the svcadm command specifies synchronous operation similar to the existing -s option for the enable and disable subcommands.

Show log files

A new -L option for the svcs command shows the complete log file, the last few lines of the log file, or the full path name of the log file for the specified service instance.

Batch operation on a set of service instances

New libscf(3LIB) function calls allow common administrative operations to be grouped and executed in a batch either synchronously or asynchronously. You can enable, disable, restart, refresh, mark, clear the maintenance or degraded state, and transition between milestones for a set of service instances.

Conversion of SMF service properties to configuration files

For services that are managed by SMF but interact with applications that still require configuration files, a new stenciling capability creates and updates a configuration file from property values defined for the service in the service configuration repository. A new file called a stencil file contains the structural definition of the configuration file that will be created by SMF. A new svcio utility generates the configuration file from the definitions in the stencil file and properties in the SMF service. This feature enables you to take advantage of SMF configuration management with minimal change to the existing application.