Managing System Services in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014

Showing Configuration Customizations

The svccfg listcust command displays customizations at the admin layer for the specified service. Use the -L option to also show customizations in the site-profile layer. The following command shows that the pkg/port and pkg/inst_root properties of the pkg/server service have been customized by an administrator.

$ svccfg -s pkg/server:s11 listcust
pkg                                application admin
pkg/port                          count       admin     81
pkg/inst_root                     astring     admin     /export/ipsrepos/Solaris11
general                            framework   admin
general/complete                  astring     manifest
general/enabled                   boolean     admin     true

The following svcprop command shows that the definition of the property config/nodename is provided at the manifest layer, but the value solaris is set at the admin layer.

$ svccfg -s identity:node describe config/nodename
config/nodename astring     solaris
    Network name of the computer
$ svcprop -p config/nodename -l all svc:/system/identity:node
config/nodename astring manifest ""
config/nodename astring admin solaris

The svccfg listcust command also displays all masked entities. Use the -M option to list only masked entities. Before you use the svccfg delcust command, use the svccfg listcust command to verify what will be deleted. See Deleting Property Groups, Properties, and Property Values and the smf (5) man page for a description of masked entities.