Managing System Services in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014

Showing the Layer Where a Value Is Set

The service configuration repository stores property data in layers according to the source of the data. Both the svcprop and svccfg commands can show the layer that is the source of a property value. The -l option of the svcprop and svccfg commands requires an argument to specify the layer for which you want information. Argument values are manifest, system-profile, site-profile, and admin. The output indicates whether a specific property value was set in the service manifest, a profile, or by an administrator. See Repository Layers for descriptions of the layers. The keyword all is an alias for all layers. If the layer you specify is not the source of the property values you request, no output is shown.

The following command shows that some property values come from the service manifest, some were set by an administrator, and some properties have values in more than one layer. The pkg/readonly property has a value set in the service manifest, and an administrator also set that same value. Values from different layers could be different.

$ svcprop -l all -p pkg pkg/server:s11
pkg/port count admin 81
pkg/inst_root astring admin /export/ipsrepos/Solaris11
pkg/address net_address manifest
pkg/cfg_file astring manifest ""
pkg/readonly boolean manifest true
pkg/readonly boolean admin true

The -l option of the svccfg listprop command can also take the argument current. Using current as the -l argument shows the same property values that are shown when you do not use the -l option. The only difference in the output is that the name of the layer is also shown. The non-persistent data does not show a layer name (the third column displays <none>) because the service configuration repository does not store layer information for non-persistent data. Non-persistent property groups generally hold an active program state, and values of properties in non-persistent property groups are cleared during system boot.

$ svccfg -s pkg/server:s11 listprop -l current
pkg                                application admin
pkg/inst_root                     astring     admin     /export/ipsrepos/Solaris11
pkg/port                          count       admin     81
general                            framework   admin
general/complete                  astring     manifest
general/enabled                   boolean     admin     true
restarter                          framework   <none>       NONPERSISTENT
restarter/logfile                 astring      <none>    /var/svc/log/application-pkg-server:default.log
restarter/contract                count        <none>    121
restarter/start_pid               count        <none>    1055
restarter/start_method_timestamp  time         <none>    1379605275.329096000
restarter/start_method_waitstatus integer      <none>    0
restarter/auxiliary_state         astring      <none>    dependencies_satisfied
restarter/next_state              astring      <none>    none
restarter/state                   astring      <none>    online
restarter/state_timestamp         time         <none>    1379605275.332259000