Managing Serial Networks Using UUCP and PPP in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014


ID-list field of Grades file
index iconUUCP ID-list Field
index iconUUCP Permit-type Field
in.uucpd daemonindex iconUUCP Daemons
inbound communications
callback security
index iconUUCP CALLBACK Option
index iconUUCP CALLBACK Option
enabling through UUCP chat scriptindex iconEnabling Dialback Through the Chat Script
inetd daemon
in.uucpd invoked byindex iconUUCP Daemons
init command
PPP andindex iconHow to Configure a Machine on a Leased Line
interfaces (PPP)
asynchronous interface for PPP dial-inindex iconBasic Analog Dial-up PPP Link
asynchronous interface for PPP dial-outindex iconBasic Analog Dial-up PPP Link
configuring for a PPPoE access server
index icon/etc/ppp/pppoe.if File
index iconHow to Set Up a PPPoE Access Server
configuring for a PPPoE client
  See alsoindex icon/etc/ppp/pppoe.if file
index iconHow to Configure an Interface for a PPPoE Client
HSI/P configuration scriptindex iconHow to Configure Synchronous Devices
plumbing PPPoE interfaces with /usr/sbin/sppptunindex icon/usr/sbin/sppptun Command
restricting an interface to PPPoE clientsindex iconHow to Restrict the Use of an Interface to Particular Clients
synchronous for leased linesindex iconBasic Leased-Line Configuration
ISDN on a PPP linkindex iconUsing ISDN Terminal Adapters With a Dial-out Machine