Managing Serial Networks Using UUCP and PPP in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014

UUCP Administrative Programs

Most UUCP administrative programs are in /usr/lib/uucp. Most basic database files are in /etc/uucp. The only exception is uulog, which is in /usr/bin. The home directory of the uucp login ID is /usr/lib/uucp. When running the administrative programs through su or login, use the uucp user ID. The user ID owns the programs and spooled data files.


Displays the contents of a specified computer's log files. Log files are created for each remote computer with which your machine communicates. The log files record each use of uucp, uuto, and uux. See the uucp (1C) man page for details.


Cleans up the spool directory. uucleanup is normally executed from the uudemon.cleanup shell script, which is started by cron. See the uucleanup (1M) man page for details.


Tests call-processing capabilities and does moderate debugging. Uutry invokes the uucico daemon to establish a communication link between your machine and the remote computer that you specify. See the Uutry (1M) man page for details.


Checks for the presence of UUCP directories, programs, and support files. uucheck can also check certain parts of the /etc/uucp/Permissions file for obvious syntactic errors. See the uucheck (1M) man page for details.