Managing Serial Networks Using UUCP and PPP in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014

UUCP/etc/uucp/Grades File

The /etc/uucp/Grades file contains the definitions for the job grades that can be used to queue jobs to a remote computer. This file also contains the permissions for each job grade. Each entry in this file represents a definition of an administrator-defined job grade that lets users queue jobs.

Each entry in the Grades file has the following format:

User-job-grade System-job-grade Job-size Permit-type ID-list

Each entry contains fields that are separated by a blank space. The last field in the entry is composed of subfields that are also separated by spaces. If an entry occupies more than one physical line, you can use a backslash to continue the entry onto the following line. Comment lines begin with a pound sign (#) and occupy the entire line. Blank lines are always ignored.