Managing Serial Networks Using UUCP and PPP in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014

Solving PPP Problems (Task Map)

Use the following task map to quickly access advice and solutions for common PPP problems.

Table 7-1  Task Map for Troubleshooting PPP
For Instructions
Obtain diagnostic information about the PPP link
Use PPP diagnostic tools to obtain output for troubleshooting.
Obtain debugging information for the PPP link
Use the pppd debug command to generate output for troubleshooting.
Troubleshoot general problems with the network layer
Identify and fix PPP problems that are network-related by using a series of checks.
Troubleshoot general communications problems
Identify and fix communications problems that affect the PPP link.
Troubleshoot configuration problems
Identify and fix problems in the PPP configuration files.
Troubleshoot modem-related problems
Identify and fix modem problems.
Troubleshoot chat script-related problems
Identify and fix chat script problems on a dial-out machine.
Troubleshoot serial-line speed problems
Identify and fix line–speed problems on a dial-in server.
Troubleshoot common problems for leased lines
Identify and fix performance problems on a leased line.
Troubleshoot problems related to authentication
Identify and fix problems related to the authentication databases.
Troubleshoot problem areas for PPPoE
Use PPP diagnostic tools to obtain output for identifying and fixing PPPoE problems.