Managing Serial Networks Using UUCP and PPP in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014


This option enables you to designate a unique UUCP node name for your computer in addition to its TCP/IP host name, as returned by the hostname command. For instance, if you have unknowingly given your host the same name as that of some other system, you can set the –MYNAME option of the Permissions file. Suppose that you want your organization to be known as widget. If all your modems are connected to a machine with the host name gadget, you can have an entry in gadget's Permissions file that reads as follows:

service=uucico systems=Systems.cico:Systems   
  dialers=Dialers.cico:Dialers \ 
service=cu \ \

Now, the system world can log in to the machine gadget as if it were logging in to widget. In order for machine world to know you also by the aliased name widget when you call it, you can have an entry that reads as follows:

MACHINE=world MYNAME=widget

You can also use the –MYNAME option for testing purposes, as this option allows your machine to call itself. However, because this option could be used to mask the real identity of a machine, you should use the –VALIDATE option, as described in UUCP VALIDATE Option.