Oracle® Solaris 11.2 Linkers and Libraries Guide

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Updated: July 2014

Reducing Filtee Searches

The use of $ISALIST within a filter enables one or more filtees to provide implementations of interfaces defined within the filter.

Any interface defined in a filter can result in an exhaustive search of all potential filtees in an attempt to locate the required interface. If filtees are being employed to provide performance critical functions, this exhaustive filtee searching can be counterproductive.

A filtee can be built with the link-editor's –z endfiltee option to indicate that it is the last of the available filtees. This option terminates any further filtee searching for that filter. From the previous SPARC example, if the SPARCV9 filtee existed, and was tagged with –z endfiltee, the filtee searches would be as follows.

$ ldd -ls prog
  find; required by ./
    search path=/opt/ISV/lib/$ISALIST  (RPATH from file ./
      trying path=/opt/ISV/lib/sparcv9+vis/
      trying path=/opt/ISV/lib/sparcv9/