Oracle® Solaris 11.2 Linkers and Libraries Guide

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Updated: July 2014

Cross Link-Editing

The link-editor is a cross link-editor, able to link 32–bit objects or 64–bit objects, for SPARC or x86 targets. The mixing of 32–bit objects and 64–bit objects is not permitted. Similarly, only objects of a single machine type are allowed.

Typically, no command line option is required to distinguish the link-edit target. The link-editor uses the ELF machine type of the first relocatable object on the command line to govern the mode in which to operate. Specialized link-edits, such as linking solely from a mapfile or an archive library, are uninfluenced by the command line object. These link-edits default to a 32–bit native target. To explicitly define the link-edit target use the –z target option.