Oracle® Solaris 11.2 Linkers and Libraries Guide

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Updated: July 2014


  See alsoindex iconobject files
index iconLink-Editor
index iconIntroduction to the Oracle Solaris Link Editors
elf(3E)index iconLink-Editor Support Interface
elfdump(1)index iconAnalyzing Files With elfdump
environment variables
32–bit/64–bitindex iconEnvironment Variables
index iconInvoking the Auditing Interface
index iconSecurity
index iconDebugging Facility
index iconInitialization and Termination Order
index iconWhen Relocations Are Performed
LD_CONFIGindex iconSecurity
LD_DEBUGindex iconDebugging Facility
LD_EXEC_OPTIONSindex iconSpecifying the Link-Editor Options
LD_EXEC_UNSETindex iconSpecifying the Link-Editor Options
index iconShared Objects With Dependencies
index iconDirectories Searched by the Runtime Linker
index iconUsing an Environment Variable
auditingindex iconAudit Interface Functions
securityindex iconSecurity
LD_LOADFLTRindex iconFiltee Processing
LD_NOAUDITindex iconInvoking the Auditing Interface
LD_NOAUXFLTRindex iconGenerating Auxiliary Filters
index iconUsing the B direct Option
index iconEnabling Direct Binding
LD_NOLAZYLOADindex iconLazy Loading of Dynamic Dependencies
LD_NOVERSIONindex iconSpecifying a Version Binding
index iconDebugging Aids
index iconSpecifying the Link-Editor Options
LD_PIE_OPTIONSindex iconSpecifying the Link-Editor Options
LD_PIE_UNSETindex iconSpecifying the Link-Editor Options
index iconDefining Explicit Interposition
index iconSecurity
index iconLoading Additional Objects
index iconRuntime Interposition
LD_PROFILEindex iconProfiling Shared Objects
LD_PROFILE_OUTPUTindex iconProfiling Shared Objects
LD_RELOC_OPTIONSindex iconSpecifying the Link-Editor Options
LD_RELOC_UNSETindex iconSpecifying the Link-Editor Options
LD_RUN_PATHindex iconDirectories Searched by the Runtime Linker
LD_SHARED_OPTIONSindex iconSpecifying the Link-Editor Options
LD_SHARED_UNSETindex iconSpecifying the Link-Editor Options
LD_SIGNALindex iconSecurity
LD_UNSETindex iconSpecifying the Link-Editor Options
SGS_SUPPORTindex iconInvoking the Support Interface
error messages
multiply-defined symbolsindex iconFatal Resolutions
relocations against non-writable sectionsindex iconPosition-Independent Code
shared object name conflictsindex iconRecorded Name Conflicts
soname conflictsindex iconRecorded Name Conflicts
symbol not assigned to versionindex iconReducing Symbol Scope
symbol warnings
index iconComplex Resolutions
index iconComplex Resolutions
undefined symbols
index iconGenerating an Executable Output File
index iconGenerating an Executable Output File
undefined symbols from an implicit referenceindex iconGenerating an Executable Output File
version unavailableindex iconSpecifying a Version Binding
runtime linker
copy relocation size differences
index iconCopy Relocations
index iconDisplacement Relocations
relocation errors
index iconBinding to a Version Definition
index iconRelocation Errors
unable to find shared object
index iconLoading Additional Objects
index iconDirectories Searched by the Runtime Linker
unable to find version definitionindex iconBinding to a Version Definition
unable to locate symbolindex iconObtaining New Symbols
index iconObject File Format
index iconLink-Editor
executable and linking format  Seeindex iconELF